CILT - University Accredited Degrees
University Accredited Degrees

Accredited university degrees offer exemption from the education requirements for Membership (MILT) or Chartered Membership (CMILT). The accredited programmes should provide for the development in depth of knowledge and skills in specific areas of logistics and transport or related areas.

Students graduating from CILT(UK) accredited degree programmes gain one year’s credit towards the experience requirement. Accredited sandwich degrees with an industrial placement year give two years’ credit, as does the combination of an accredited first and higher degree. To qualify for exemption, first degrees must be passed with a classification of at least second class honours.

Please use the directory below to view the universities which hold a CILT(UK) Accredited Degree. 

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Where there is an entry in the ‘Conditions' column, the qualification is only valid for full exemption if that condition is satisfied. In all cases the date of graduation must be between the 'From' and 'Until' dates as listed. Institutions offering appropriate qualifications that do not appear on the current listing may submit an application for consideration by the Accreditation Panel.

For University accredited degree listings which were accredited before January 2013, please click on the appropriate area of the map.