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Endorsed Short Courses

Endorsement is the process by which The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK works with training providers to grant a benchmark for quality standards in short course training and development.

The endorsement of short courses is a voluntary scheme designed to recognise high quality short courses which fall within CILT(UK) disciplines including logistics, supply chain, operations management and all transport.

CILT(UK) endorsed courses are aligned to the Institute’s Key Knowledge Areas (KKA) to ensure that the training programmes are relevant for our members.

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List of organisations offering short courses endorsed by CILT(UK).

Allan Webb

Visit website here >>


COURSE 1: Reliability Centred Maintenance

Duration: 3 days

Delivery: Face to face/Classroom

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 14.5 hours

Contact details:


  1. To equip students with the learning to identify and understand the significance of and distinction between corrective and different types of preventive maintenance.
  2. To understand the aim of focusing on equipment functionality rather than solely component reliability.
  3. To understand the significance of preventive maintenance within the legislative framework (safety, environment, air worthiness).
  4. To prepare students on the application of RCM to both new design equipment and to equipment that is in-service.


COURSE 2: LSA, Product Support Analysis and Supportability Analysis

Duration: 5 days

Delivery: Classroom

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 28 hours

Contact Details:


  1. To equip students with the learning to identify and understand the necessary tasks required to ensure a system is supportable and cost-effective within defined parameters from concept to disposal 
  2. This course is a comprehensive presentation of the Logistic Support Analysis (LSA) process and how it can be applied to procurement programme in a cost-effective manner to lower acquisition costs and whole life costs.  The course presents the concepts, theories and philosophies of LSA, the relationships between Integrated Logistics Support, LSA, Supportability Analysis and Product Support Analysis and discusses the relevant major standards such as DEF-STAN 00-600 and ASD 3000L and relates them to current military and  commercial procurement. The application of LSA to new design, upgrade, and off the shelf programmes for both hardware and software are discussed to determine appropriate and timely application of the most project beneficial techniques for the user and manufacturer. 
  3. The course includes a number of practical exercises to demonstrate the application of the processes and to encourage discussion of how the decisions made in the early stages of a programme can ensure maximum benefit throughout its life. 



Duration: 5 days

Delivery: 5 day classroom based course delivered over 10 sessions

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 28.5 hours

Contact Details:


  1. This Workshop on ILS and Supportability Management and implementation provides the attendee with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of ILS Management and the requirements found in today’s procurement programmes. It considers the underlying objectives, risks and reasoning underpinning ILS Programmes. The course discusses the application of the latest MoD and commercial acquisition policies, directives, analyses and most appropriate methods for successful implementation. 
  2. The objective of the Workshop is to expand the scope of the understanding of the attendees to include those essential aspects of identification, definition and formalisation of ILS and LSA and support requirements from the start of the concept phase in the acquisition process through in-service support. Run as a mixture of learning and workshop activities, attendees, who should already have knowledge of ILS, will spend a significant amount of time discussing alternative approached in small groups, proposing their favoured solutions and evaluating alternatives suggested by other course participants. This course has been shown to be both extremely useful and thought-provoking for participants including not only Project Managers, Technical Directors and ILS Managers, but also those involved in preparing invitations to tender and the tender response for contract in which Integrated Logistics Support and Logistics Support Analysis requirements are included. Those wishing to complement their existing knowledge in this area also benefit. 
  3. The course centres around structured exercises illustrating the application of the various ILS and Supportability tasks and requirements, their timely application and associated risk factors. 


Course 4: Life Cycle Costing, Level of Repair Analysis and Support Related Costing

Duration: 5 days

Delivery: Classroom based

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 28.5 hours

Contact Details:


The course is a comprehensive study of Cost of Ownership and Level of Repair Analysis (LoRA) principles and modelling techniques that can be applied to ownership cost estimation. It considers how these models function and how they can and are used to inform the decision making process.  It begins with a detailed discussion of the principles associated with costing and the LCC, TLC, and WLC and LoRA processes to determine how and why these techniques are applied.  A series of syndicate-based exercises give delegates practice and opportunity for the hands-on development and use of models. The course prepares the student to be able to select, use and validate LCC, TLC, WLC and LORA models.


Course 5: Availability, Reliability & Maintenance

Duration: 5 days

Delivery: Classroom based

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 29.5 hours

Contact Details:


This is an in-depth course using a hands-on approach.  This course presents a practical review of AR&M by presenting an overview of acquisition phase objectives and their application in the design and development of equipment and systems.  Topics covered include: Principles and Objectives; Consideration of underlying failure mechanisms; Engineering Techniques; Allocations and Predictions; System level modelling; Data Collection & Analysis; Verification Testing in a Life Cycle Context. The course closes with a general discussion and the opportunity for delegates to further address any particular issues which may be of interest to them.

The format of this course allows for maximum information to be presented while allowing for questions, discussions, and in-class examples and exercises to maximize the students overall learning experience.. 


Procurement and Logistics Certificate

Course Duration

5-hour assessment-based certificate program

How to register:



Course Overview

In this 5-hour assessment-based certificate program, comprised of online courses, interactive scenarios and a test, you will learn best practices in how to implement effective procurement and logistics for relief and development operations. Successful completion of the courses and passing a sixty-question test earns you a Certificate issued by Mercy Corps and DisasterReady and a digital badge recognizing you have accomplished the learning outcomes for this program.  All courses and the test are free and available in English and Arabic.

Mercy Corps and DisasterReady designed this program for professionals at any level with up to one-year experience in one of the four areas of procurement, warehousing, fleet management, or asset management, and/or in the humanitarian sector. 

Learning Outcomes

Inspired by real challenges faced by professionals working in the field, this assessment-based certificate program enables humanitarian organizations and staff to: 

  • Establish key standard operating procedures when working with suppliers, warehousing, storage, inventory, fleet management, and program staff
  • Systemize procurement and logistics processes and roles
  • Improve financial, legal, and distribution processes 


Email Address:


Dubai Customs

Access the website here >>

Contact: Kelly Bokhari, 

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 100 CPD hours per module

Customs Leadership Program

Each module is 12 weeks in duration with 8 hours of teaching per week and 4 hours of one-on-one coaching.

  • Module 1-Innovative Customs Management
  • Module 2-Agile Leadership
  • Module 3- Customs Management in the Digital Era

Glen Davies Sopora Steria

Vistit website here >>

Contact: Glen Davies,

LOCITY Driving Training 

Online Training

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 6 hours


Safe Urban Driving

Classroom and on-cycle on the same day

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 6 hours


Van Smart Driver Training

Classroom and on-cycle on the same day

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 6 hours


FORS Practitioner Workshops

CILT(UK) CPD Allocation: 1.5 hours per workshop

Each workshop is 3 hours in duration. Choose 10 workshop, some are mandatory. 

  • FP01-Developing Fleet Management Policy
  • FP02- Managing work related road risk - MANDATORY
  • FP03-Managing Driver Fitness and Health - MANDATORY
  • FP04-Managing Driver Training and Development - MANDATORY
  • FP05-Collision Procedures and Analysis - MANDATORY
  • FP06-Vehicle Serviceability and Roadworthiness - MANDATORY
  • FP07-Fuel Efficiency and Low Emissions - MANDATORY
  • FP11-Managing drivers' fatigue
  • FP12- Managing drivers’ hours
  • FP13-Managing abnormal indivisible loads
  • FP15-Road traffic collision investigation

Hako CILT Endorsed Short Course

Hako Machines Ltd offer various operator and technical training programmes and wanted to make this more advanced and recognised so have partnered with CILT to get the already fantastic programmes endorsed to become a CILT recognised certification.

The Hako extensive Operator Training programmes ensure that users can safeguard machine running costs, downtime and safe operation between service visits. Operator Training also includes general health & safety guidance, operator hazards and important clean down procedures. The training programme also benefits with the award of CPD points.

Learn more

NTP Online Learning LTD

Access the following courses here >>

Course 1 – Transport Manager Advanced Continued Development PSV

  • Delivery – Online
  • CPD – 5 hours

Course 2 - Transport Manager - Advanced Continued Development HGV

  • Delivery – Online
  • CPD – 5.5 hours

Course 3 – The Ultimate Professional Driver Programme

  • Delivery – Online
  • CPD – 10 hours

Course 4 – Level 2 Transport Manager CPC Refresher in PSV

  • Delivery – Online
  • CPD – 3 hours

Course 5 – Yard and Warehouse Awareness Programme

  • Delivery – Online
  • CPD – 2 hours

Course 6 – Transport Manager CPC Refresher in Road Haulage Operations

  • Delivery – Online
  • CPD – 3.5 hours

Course 7- Restricted Operator Licence Compliance Programme

  • Delivery – Online
  • CPD – 7 hours

Sandstone Communications Ltd

Course Title: First Aid at Work - FTACC E

CPD Allocation: 

  • 7.5 Structured CPD Hours (inclusive of optional module)
  • 4 Structured CPD Hours (exclusive of optional module)


M: +44(0)784 0481577



Park of Keir


FK15 9NS

Skills Dynamic CILT Endorsed Short Courses

Skill Dynamics offers high-impact and role-based digital procurement and supply chain training for corporate teams. The company has partnered with more than 520 global companies globally, and trained over 300,000 employees.

With a trusted partnership, Skill Dynamics ensures their learners stay ahead of the curve and are equipped with all skills needed to excel.

All training materials, powered by science, follow a high-impact eLearning approach, allowing learners to engage in real-life situations and apply practical solutions. Learning journeys are customizable to guarantee individual needs are met.

Skill Dynamics provides team leaders access to monitor and measure results.

Learn more

Speedy Freight

Visit website here >>

Contact: Kevin Noble,

Leadership & Management Programme

  • Achieving Greatest Impact from your Numbers: 1 day course
  • Building a High Performing Team: 1 day course
  • Creating a People First Culture: 1 day course
  • Creating & Achieving SMART Objectives: 1 day course
  • Performance Management Workshop: 1 day course


The Resource Group

Basic Logistics Training (Salam)


Name:Mark Brierley



Transport Compliance

Delivery Type


Course Overview:

The package is comprised of eight E-Learning modules. The suite focuses on transport related legislation, compliance and overall workplace transport safety, to provide and overall workplace transport safety, to provide individuals who are responsible for transport related activities and operations with an understanding of their roles and responsibilities.


Name: Katie Robinson 


Vehicle Transporter Training Ltd

Course title: VTT Certified Course (Module 2) and VTT Certified Course (Module 3)

Contact name: Sarah Scaife

Registered Office:

Earlstrees Court, Earlstrees Road, Corby
Northants, NN17 4AX
Main Switchboard: 01536 740100

Company Registration Number: 2629347 
(A Company Limited by Guarantee)
Charity Registration Number: 1004963

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