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The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK (CILT) has attempted to examine the forces of change and develop a vision for 2035.

The aim is to understand the impacts that wider societal progress will have on transport (and vice versa), to set a context for how industry will operate in the future and to identify the policy instruments that will be required to serve society as effectively as possible. The key output of the work is a set of findings and recommendations, addressed to decision makers and their advisors nationwide. They will help steer our vision towards a future that is better not just for transport and logistics but also for society too.
Experts from across the Institute's Professional Sectors, Forums, Nations and Regions have all taken part to produce what is the latest and most comprehensive prediction of the UK's future transport infrastructure available currently

The past 25 years have seen some huge changes, brought on by many forces including political, environmental, technological, social and demographic. These forces are continual and will shape the next 25 years, with considerable impact on the way we travel and transport goods.

To understand the scale of change that could take place by 2035, just look back at what has changed over the past 25 years. In those days there was no internet, we were road building (completing the M25), almost nobody had a mobile phone and environmental concerns were not widespread. Transport facilities such as journey planning and ticketing were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today. What will the next 25 years hold, and what challenges and pressures will emerge to shape the way transport systems evolve? CILT has identified drivers of change and other factors that will need to be taken into account.

Policy Documents 

(Re)Inventing the Wheel

(Re)Inventing the Wheel examines a range of issues relating to transport over the next 20-25 years and looks at potential new technologies ranging from autonomous electric cars to real time journey management.

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Vision 2035

What will the next 25 years hold, and what challenges and pressures will emerge to shape the way transport systems evolve? The CILT has examined the forces of change and develop a vision for 2035

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Vision 2035: UK Freight Report

UK Freight Planning to 2035 examines the challenges facing the future growth of logistics capability of the UK. The report has been drawn up by a team of senior transport and supply chain professionals, headed by Professor Alan Braithwaite FCILT and Nick Gizzard FCILT, and makes the case that the importance of the UK’s freight infrastructure is of such magnitude that it requires strategic national direction.

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The Future of Aviation

The Future of Aviation is the new report in the Institute's Vision 2035 series. The Future of Aviation report outlines long-term strategic prospects for the growth of air transport. The key point is that the economic, environmental, and social benefits of aviation are only likely to be optimised if the UK prospers for at least to the same level as the rest of the world.

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A Vision for Transport Planning

The latest report in the Vision 2035 series, A Vision for Transport Planning, has been produced and published by the CILT and the Transport Planning Society. The report sets out the key role transport planning can play in meeting the pressing challenges the nation will face over the next 20 years.

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The report was prepared drawing primarily on a set of four workshops. To view the reports of each of the four workshops click here.

A Vision for Cymru Wales

A Vision for Cymru Wales - Vision 2035: Cymru Wales looks to the future and visualises how transport and logistics in Wales would develop, taking account of population changes, technological developments and social and political change.

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