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July 2017
Free Webinar - Innovations in Supply Chain - Tear Up that Map!
Start Date:10/07/2017 14:00:00
End Date:10/07/2017 15:00:00
Event Code:ABC0540
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The new world order is Cities not Nations                                                      

Hosted by: Peter Karran FCILT, who leads Operations Management Sector  and Service and Servitisation Forum
Speaker: Dr Stephen Davies, Head of Education, The Institute of Economic Affairs                                                                                                                                                               

Big data, driverless vehicles and drone deliveries look set to revolutionise logistics and supply chain management. Industry leaders now face a major struggle to stay competitive in the transition to a post-Brexit world. This webinar will help operations and supply chain professionals to meet these difficulties head on, by predicting the key challenge of the future now:                   
• The basic units of the world economy are city region economies not national economies (which hardly exist except as statistical artefacts).                             
• There is a clear distinction between successful and unsuccessful city regions.                             
• The key thing is the pattern and degree of connectedness.                             
• The real political division is that between successful city regions on the one side and rural areas plus less successful regions on the other.                             

The way to understand business and trade development is through this prism - throw away those old atlases – they are not the territory!

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