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December 2023
Factors affecting on-line share of retail demand & Kerbside capacity and changes in urban logisticsBook Now
Start Date:05/12/2023 17:00
End Date:05/12/2023 18:30
Event Code:RLF0336


When: 05 December 2023, 17:00 - 18:30
Where: Online (TSUG link)

Adrian Palmer, Professor of Marketing, Henley Business School, University of Reading 

Christopher Sturman, Joint Chair of the CILT Retail Forum 

Factors affecting on-line share of retail demand

Adrian Palmer, Professor of Marketing, Henley Business School, University of Reading will initially take a consumer perspective and look at the broader drivers of (and increasingly inhibitors to) online sales growth. Using available statistics, he will explore developments in particular segments / sectors where the growth has been most marked. He will discuss recent research which has illuminated the reasons why online sales have fallen since lockdowns, and highlight the social / economic reasons which help to address the ongoing question of where online sales growth will eventually plateau.
He will then look at the cost side factors which have impacted growth and have given cost advantages to online retailers and a competitive advantage relative to bricks and mortars stores, using the rather limited statistical evidence of the role of bricks and mortars stores in facilitating online sales. He will discuss a significant methodological issue as online and offline activities become increasingly interdependent activities.

Kerbside capacity and changes in urban logistics

Christopher Sturman, Joint Chair of the CILT Retail Forum with over 45 years in multi modal logistics and supply chain management in automotive, and then in food and drink in all three temperature environments, will discuss current themes being developed in the downstream logistics and services supply area, particularly for food and drink.  He will focus on the Kerbside Call for Evidence currently underway in collaboration between CILT UK and the Central London Freight Quality Partnership. This seeks to identify more clearly the mismatch between placemaking, urban planning, and essential kerbside delivery and collection across the whole range of goods and services for customers and consumers.

Whilst primarily looking at London, there are obvious synergies with other cities and conurbations where user priorities and transport planning is causing loss of productivity, reliability problems, parking infringement costs, and fleet size issues with increased use of vans adding to emissions, congestion and the health and safety of workers, and the wider population.
National and Local Government are beginning to recognise the need to understand the needs of commercial interest in their areas – freight is now on the agenda. Funding is now being provided for further research and Chris will explore some of the wider ideas and project work currently in progress, covering the use of water and rail to feed urban micro hubs and smaller delivery opportunities.

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IEMA - Exploring Green Careers in Transport & LogisticsBook Now
Start Date:07/12/2023 12:00
End Date:07/12/2023 13:00
Event Code:ABC0869


When: Thursday 07 December 2023 12.00 - 13.00
Where: Online

IEMA collaborative event with the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and Wincanton.

This session is in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT) and Wincanton. The webinar is 1 hour, and will provide an insight into the importance of sustainability within the sector, and the role of green careers and skills. Bethany Windsor, Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Relationship Management at CILT and Steve Tainton, Head of Sustainability at Wincanton, will join us to talk about;


  • The implications of more sustainable practices on roles, now and in the future, and the impact this could have on a future career in this space
  • Wincanton’s approach to sustainability (projects/roles) and creating engagement and connections across the business with sustainable aims and initiatives
  • Provide awareness of the green transition and upskilling opportunities to those already in the industry

To find out more information and to book onto this event, please use the below link:

Exploring Green Careers in Transport & Logistics - Green Careers Hub